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PC Image Editor 5.0

PC Image Editor is a handy tool that will allow you to edit your pictures
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Posting photos to your FaceBook profile or fashioning a great avatar picture for your forum profile, these are only few of the reasons you need to have an image editor. PC Image Editor strives to offer a convenient solution for most of your image editing tasks.

With PC Image Editor you will be able adjust the contrast, brightness or saturation levels of your images and to use various effects that will allow you to rotate the images, skew them or change their perspective.
Furthermore, you can customize the appearance of your photos with the help of various filters such as zoom blur, motion blur, diffuse etc.

Despite offering numerous functions, PC Image Editor still manages to keep a tidy graphical interface. Every user will be able to easily figure out how to properly operate this application. What's even better, the "auto contrast" and "auto levels" options will help you automatically improve the quality of your images.

PC Image Editor is a well designed program that has a lot of handy features, which shouldn't go unappreciated. First of all, it provides a pop-up preview window that will help you obtain exactly the result that you were looking for. Furthermore, it keeps an easy-to-access log with every action that you took, thus allowing you to quickly revert your picture to any of its previous states.

In conclusion, PC Image Editor is a program that I actually liked. The only problem is that, although the application has a lot of qualities and is not very expensive, there are several free tools that offer the same functionality.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • It allows you to save your output files in a wide array of formats.
  • It can automatically adjust the contrast and levels of your photos.
  • Keeps a history of every action that you take


  • Might take a while before the preview window actually loads your image
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